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    National Health and Health Commission: This year, the pilot will be painlessly delivered and gradually promoted nationwide

    2019-01-02 16:55:55 Announcer:Shenzhen City is Yuanyuan Medical Technology Co., Ltd. 2345
    The Beijing Newsletter In August last year, a maternal woman in Yulin, Shaanxi Province, caused widespread pains due to unbearable pain, resulting in emotional loss of control and suicide. The National Health and Health Committee issued a document today (November 20) to propose a trial of labor pains in the country from 2018 to 2020, and gradually promote the diagnosis and treatment of labor analgesia throughout the country.

    The National Health and Health Commission proposed in the "Notice on the Pilot Work of Labor Analgesia" to further standardize the technique of labor analgesia, improve the coverage of labor analgesia, popularize natural delivery under analgesic conditions, and reduce the rate of cesarean section. Enhance the comfort level of medical services and improve the satisfaction of pregnant women. At the same time, strengthen the first-aid ability of the team of doctors in the delivery room to further ensure maternal safety, reduce maternal mortality, and further enhance the people's sense of medical treatment and happiness.

    The National Health and Health Commission will select a certain number of hospitals to carry out trials of labor analgesia diagnosis and treatment. The scope of the pilot is a secondary hospital or above, a maternal and child health hospital or a maternity hospital with obstetrics and anesthesiology.

    The "Notice" requires that pilot hospitals should further standardize the operation of labor analgesia, continuously improve the optimization of labor analgesia management and service procedures, and improve the awareness of medical staff and the public on labor analgesia, under the premise of ensuring maternal and child safety, Popularize labor analgesia techniques.

    Highlights include improving the technical level of labor analgesia and improving the scientific selection of maternal delivery methods. Through the implementation of labor analgesia, reduce the proportion of maternal delivery due to inability to tolerate labor pain, promote the gradual decline of cesarean section rate, increase the rate of natural delivery, and further improve maternal and newborn health.

    The "Notice" stated that the hospital should establish a labor analgesia management service team to strengthen the training and clinical drills and assessments of relevant medical professionals. At the same time, pay attention to the monitoring of complications and prevention and treatment capacity, and establish a sound quality control system for labor analgesia in order to improve the safety of labor analgesia.

    In addition, the "Notice" requires hospitals to establish a regular education system for pregnant women and their families, to improve the understanding of maternal and family members on the pain of birth pain, and to improve the awareness of labor analgesia.
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