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    Natural delivery solution

    Natural delivery solution

    Natural delivery solution

    Product principle:
    1. Open source: The low-frequency current with adjustable density can continue to stimulate specific parts and activate the original ecological pain source (β-endorphin, dynorphin, enkephalin);
    2. Throttling: Based on Melzak and Wall in 1965, in the journal Science, the theory of pain gate control was proposed to block the sensory nerves without affecting the motor nerves;
    3. Shoulder well oxytocin: Sun Sizhen - "Qian Jin Yi Fang" Volume twenty-six acupuncture on the second woman, "Where dystocia, needles and shoulders one inch, diarrhea, must be born," to promote cervical ripening, induced Contractions, thereby promoting delivery.

    Product Highlights:
    Highlight 1: Wireless communication, guaranteeing free position (exclusive invention patent)
    The electrode piece-slave-host-remote control is truly wireless between the four, thus realizing the true free position delivery of the mother.
    Highlight 2: One-click analgesia, reducing several times the workload (core technology)
    Instantly increase output density and intensity, and quickly respond to pain caused by contractions.
    Reduce the workload of midwives several times, the mother can operate
    Adjust smart memory for the first time to achieve personalized adjustment
    Highlight 3: Shoulder well oxytocin, soften cervical tube (exclusive invention patent)
    Characteristics of shoulder wells: promoting blood circulation and collaterals, promoting cervical softening, inducing contractions, and promoting delivery
    Highlight 4: Shedding alarm, promptly reminding midwife (core technology)
    The electrode piece falls off, the lead wire falls off, and the signal is interrupted.
    The host promptly alarms, prompting the midwife channel and parts to fall off, improving work efficiency
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