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    Nutritional system solution during pregnancy

    Nutritional system solution during pregnancy

    Nutritional system solution during pregnancy


    Through the weight, nutrition management and remote health monitoring, relying on the Internet and medical institutions to build a nutrition and health management platform, establish a health management information platform, a medical institution and user's work platform, a doctor and user consultation service platform, and provide professionalization for individual differences. Nutritional health management solutions.

    Program architecture:
    1pregnant women APP: self-help file, meal management, physical examination, check reminder, pregnancy tools
    2doctor workstation: file management, nutrition guidance, physical examination, pregnancy check, system settings
    3cloud platform: nutrition analysis, recipe development, dietary advice, sports guidance

    Product Highlights
    1Personalized guidance for nutrition grades of regular and high-risk groups
    2the system according to different groups of people, different conditions, different tastes to customize personalized recipes
    3doctors and pregnant women can modify the recipe, according to the dietary preferences of pregnant women to replace the energy of similar foods, to ensure energy and nutrient balance
    1The nutrition management plan developed by the doctor and the health data recorded by the pregnant woman, and the information sharing between the doctor workstation and the pregnant woman APP is realized through the cloud platform.
    2pregnant women at home through intelligent hardware to detect vital signs data and record meals, doctors remotely monitor pregnant women's diet, physical signs and other data throughout pregnancy
    3when the health data of pregnant women is abnormal, the system remote warning, notify the doctor and pregnant women to intervene
    4the system remotely reminds pregnant women to return to the clinic, continuously tracking the nutritional status of pregnant women
    1. Standardize nutrition outpatient process: nutrition survey-->nutrition assessment-->nutrition guidance-->grading management-->tracking intervention-->effect evaluation (PDCA cycle) to realize the whole process and full staff of doctors, pregnant women and their families Hierarchical management
    2standard weight monitoring: 1 time in the first trimester, once a week in the second trimester.
    3standard weight measurement: at the same time, the same equipment, minimum clothing, emptying two.
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