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    Perinatal mental health solution

    Perinatal mental health solution

    Perinatal mental health solution

    According to the heart rate variability principle and the acceleration pulse wave theory, the stress state, autonomic nervous system balance state and depression mood of the subject are analyzed through the ECG signal and the pulse wave signal, and the objective evaluation is achieved.

    1. The collected ECG and pulse data can be transmitted through wired or wireless channels;
    2can simultaneously collect ECG signals and pulse signals;
    3different collection stages have image animation and sound prompts, reducing the labor intensity of the doctor and improving efficiency;
    4Automatically match the test time and the collected data items according to different evaluation items of the patient;
    5. It has HRV dual domain (time domain and frequency domain) analysis functions;
    6the scale evaluation type is rich, reaching 5 kinds;
    7easy to use, stable and real-time human-computer interaction interface.
    8. Extract 76 heart rate variability parameters as the 76 dimension input of the depression screening model.

    Honor Description:
    1 international PCT patent
    5 domestic invention patents
    5 utility model patents
    4 software copyrights
    5 provincial science and technology projects with a total funding of 22.3 million
    13 research papers, 5 SCI papers
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